Yasmeen Abdrabou (University of the Bundeswehr Munich), Elisaveta Karypidou (LMU Munich), Florian Alt (University of the Bundeswehr Munich), Mariam Hassib (University of the Bundeswehr Munich)

We propose an approach to identify users’ exposure to fake news from users’ gaze and mouse movement behavior. Our approach is meant as an enabler for interventions that make users aware of engaging with fake news while not being consciously aware of this. Our work is motivated by the rapid spread of fake news on the web (in particular, social media) and the difficulty and effort required to identify fake content, either technically or by means of a human fact checker. To this end, we set out with conducting a remote online study (N = 54) in which participants were exposed to real and fake social media posts while their mouse and gaze movements were recorded. We identify the most predictive gaze and mouse movement features and show that fake news can be predicted with 68.4% accuracy from users’ gaze and mouse movement behavior. Our work is complemented by discussing the implications of using behavioral features for mitigating the spread of fake news on social media.

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CANtropy: Time Series Feature Extraction-Based Intrusion Detection Systems for...

Md Hasan Shahriar, Wenjing Lou, Y. Thomas Hou (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)

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MacOS versus Microsoft Windows: A Study on the Cybersecurity...

Cem Topcuoglu (Northeastern University), Andrea Martinez (Florida International University), Abbas Acar (Florida International University), Selcuk Uluagac (Florida International University), Engin Kirda (Northeastern University)

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PickMail: A Serious Game for Email Phishing Awareness Training

Gokul CJ (TCS Research, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., Pune), Vijayanand Banahatti (TCS Research, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., Pune), Sachin Lodha (TCS Research, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., Pune)

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AdvCAPTCHA: Creating Usable and Secure Audio CAPTCHA with Adversarial...

Hao-Ping (Hank) Lee (Carnegie Mellon University), Wei-Lun Kao (National Taiwan University), Hung-Jui Wang (National Taiwan University), Ruei-Che Chang (University of Michigan), Yi-Hao Peng (Carnegie Mellon University), Fu-Yin Cherng (National Chung Cheng University), Shang-Tse Chen (National Taiwan University)

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