Nyteisha Bookert, Mohd Anwar (North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University)

Patient-generated health data is growing at an unparalleled rate due to advancing technologies (e.g., the Internet of Medical Things, 5G, artificial intelligence) and increased consumer transactions. The influx of data has offered life-altering solutions. Consequently, the growth has created significant privacy challenges. A central theme to mitigating risks is promoting transparency and notifying stakeholders of data practices through privacy policies. However, natural language privacy policies have several limitations, such as being difficult to understand (by the user), lengthy, and having conflicting requirements. Yet they remain the de facto standard to inform users of privacy practices and how organizations follow privacy regulations. We developed an automated process to evaluate the appropriateness of combining machine learning and custom named entity recognition techniques to extract IoMT-relevant privacy factors in the privacy policies of IoMT devices. We employed machine learning and the natural language processing technique of named entity recognition to automatically analyze a corpus of policies and specifications to extract privacy-related information for the IoMT device. Based on the natural language analysis of policies, we provide fine-grained annotations that can help reduce the manual and tedious process of policy analysis and aid privacy engineers and policy makers in developing suitable privacy policies.

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Applying Accessibility Metrics to Measure the Threat Landscape for...

John Breton, AbdelRahman Abdou (Carleton University)

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LOKI: State-Aware Fuzzing Framework for the Implementation of Blockchain...

Fuchen Ma (Tsinghua University), Yuanliang Chen (Tsinghua University), Meng Ren (Tsinghua University), Yuanhang Zhou (Tsinghua University), Yu Jiang (Tsinghua University), Ting Chen (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China), Huizhong Li (WeBank), Jiaguang Sun (School of Software, Tsinghua University)

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Improving In-vehicle Networks Intrusion Detection Using On-Device Transfer Learning

Sampath Rajapaksha (Robert Gordon University), Harsha Kalutarage (Robert Gordon University), M.Omar Al-Kadri (Birmingham City University), Andrei Petrovski (Robert Gordon University), Garikayi Madzudzo (Horiba Mira Ltd)

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AdvCAPTCHA: Creating Usable and Secure Audio CAPTCHA with Adversarial...

Hao-Ping (Hank) Lee (Carnegie Mellon University), Wei-Lun Kao (National Taiwan University), Hung-Jui Wang (National Taiwan University), Ruei-Che Chang (University of Michigan), Yi-Hao Peng (Carnegie Mellon University), Fu-Yin Cherng (National Chung Cheng University), Shang-Tse Chen (National Taiwan University)

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