Hao-Ping (Hank) Lee (Carnegie Mellon University), Wei-Lun Kao (National Taiwan University), Hung-Jui Wang (National Taiwan University), Ruei-Che Chang (University of Michigan), Yi-Hao Peng (Carnegie Mellon University), Fu-Yin Cherng (National Chung Cheng University), Shang-Tse Chen (National Taiwan University)

Audio CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) is an accessible alternative to the traditional CAPTCHA for people with visual impairments. However, the literature has found that audio CAPTCHA suffers from both lower usability and security than its visual counterpart. In this paper, we propose AdvCAPTCHA, a novel audio CAPTCHA generated by using adversarial machine learning techniques. By conducting studies with people with and without visual impairments, we show that AdvCAPTCHA can outperform the status quo audio CAPTCHA in security but not usability. We demonstrate AdvCAPTCHA’s feasibility of providing detection of malicious attacks. We also present an evaluation metric, thresholding, to quantify the trade-off between usability and security for audio CAPTCHA design. Finally, we discuss approaches to the real-world adoption of AdvCAPTCHA.

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dRR: A Decentralized, Scalable, and Auditable Architecture for RPKI...

Yingying Su (Tsinghua university), Dan Li (Tsinghua university), Li Chen (Zhongguancun Laboratory), Qi Li (Tsinghua university), Sitong Ling (Tsinghua University)

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Towards Precise Reporting of Cryptographic Misuses

Yikang Chen (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Yibo Liu (Arizona State University), Ka Lok Wu (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Duc V Le (Visa Research), Sze Yiu Chau (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

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Towards Integrating Human-Centered Cybersecurity Research Into Practice: A Practitioner...

Julie Haney, Clyburn Cunningham, Susanne Furman (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

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Do Privacy Labels Answer Users' Privacy Questions?

Shikun Zhang, Norman Sadeh (Carnegie Mellon University)

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