Tod Amon (Sandia National Laboratories), Tim Loffredo (Sandia National Laboratories)

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30 Years into Scientific Binary Decompilation: What We Have...

Dr. Ruoyu (Fish) Wang, Assistant Professor at Arizona State University

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FitM: Binary-Only Coverage-GuidedFuzzing for Stateful Network Protocols

Dominik Maier, Otto Bittner, Marc Munier, Julian Beier (TU Berlin)

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B2R2: Building an Efficient Front-End for Binary Analysis

Minkyu Jung (KAIST), Soomin Kim (KAIST), HyungSeok Han (KAIST), Jaeseung Choi (KAIST), Sang Kil Cha (KAIST)

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o-glassesX: Compiler Provenance Recovery with Attention Mechanism from a...

Yuhei Otsubo (National Police Agency, Tokyo, Japan), Akira Otsuka (Institute of information Security, Japan), Mamoru Mimura (National Defense Academy, Japan), Takeshi Sakaki (The University of Tokyo, Japan), Hiroshi Ukegawa (National Police Agency, Tokyo, Japan)

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