NDSS Symposium 2005 Accepted Papers

Space-Efficient Block Storage Integrity

Alina Oprea, Michael K. Reiter and Ke Yang

Improved Proxy Re-Encryption Schemes with Applications to Secure Distributed Storage

Giuseppe Ateniese, Kevin Fu, Matthew Green and Susan Hohenberger

Rekeying and Storage Cost for Multiple User Revocation

Sandeep S. Kulkarni and Bezawada Bruhadeshar

On a New Class of Pulsing Denial-of-Service Attacks and the Defense

Xiapu Luo and Rocky K. C. Chang

MOVE: An End-to-End Solution to Network Denial of Service

Angelos Stavrou, A. Keromytis, Jason Nieh, Vishal Misra and Dan Rubenstein

Security Analysis and Improvements for IEEE 802.11i

Changhua He and John Mitchell

Privacy-Preserving Friends Troubleshooting Network

Qiang Huang and Nikita Borisov

Pretty Secure BGP, psBGP

Tao Wan, Evangelos Kranakis and P. C. van Oorschot

New Streaming Algorithms for Fast Detection of Superspreaders

S. Venkataraman, Dawn Song and A. Blum

The Internet Motion Sensor – A Distributed Blackhole Monitoring System

Michael Bailey, Evan Cooke, Farnam Jahanian, Jose Nazario and David Watson

DNS-based Detection of Scanning Worms in an Enterprise Network

David Whyte, Evangelos Kranakis and P. C. van Oorschot

DIRA: Automatic Detection, Identification and Repair of Control-Hijacking Attacks

Alexey Smirnov and Tzi-cker Chiueh

Dynamic Taint Analysis for Automatic Detection, Analysis, and Signature Generation of Exploits on Commodity Software

James Newsome and Dawn Song

Enriching Intrusion Alerts Through Multi-Host Causality

Sam King, Z. Morley Mao, Dominic C. Lucchetti and Peter M. Chen

A Black-Box Tracing Technique to Identify Causes of Least-Privilege Incompatibilities

Shuo Chen, John Dunagan, Chad Verbowski and Yi-Min Wang

One-Way Isolation: An Effective Approach for Realizing Safe Execution Environments

Weiqing Sun, Z. Liang, S. Venkataraman and R. Sekar