Author(s): Jingzheng Wu, Zhifei Wu, Mutian Yang, Tianyue Luo, Yanjun Wu, Yongji Wang

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Date: 27 Jul 2015

Document Type: Briefing Papers

Associated Event: NDSS Symposium 2015


Android now has 83 percent of the smartphone market, many vendors benefiting from market growth. It is generally accepted that the world’s major vendors have better quality assurance for their products. However, because of the fragmentation of Android platform, the different quality management system and the different ability of developers, the vendor customized Android applications suffer from the quality, reliability and security problems. In this paper, we designed QRS framework to assess the quality of the vendor customized applications. In particular, we defined 7 quality, reliability and security related rules, and reversed all the customized applications of 12 representative Android smartphones. The evaluation results show that even if the world’s major vendors still lack of quality assurance, and almost all of the customized applications extracted from the examined smartphones have at least one quality, reliability or security related problem. We suggest the vendors should strictly test the quality of their products.