Author(s): Xiang Pan, Yinzhi Cao, Yan Chen

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Date: 8 Feb 2015

Document Type: Briefing Papers

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Associated Event: NDSS Symposium 2015


Stateful third-party web tracking has drawn the attention of public media given its popularity among top Alexa web sites. A tracking server can associate a unique identifier from the client side with the private information contained in the referer header of the request to the tracking server, thus recording the client’s behavior. Faced with the significant problem, existing works either disable setting tracking identifiers or blacklist third-party requests to certain servers. However, neither of them can completely block stateful web tracking. In this paper, we propose TrackingFree, the first anti-tracking browser by mitigating unique identifiers. Instead of disabling those unique identifiers, we isolate them into different browser principals so that the identifiers still exist but are not unique among different web sites. By doing this, we fundamentally cut off the tracking chain for third-party web tracking. Our evaluation shows that TrackingFree can block all the 647 trackers found in Alexa Top 500 web sites while still preserving web sites’ functionalities, and we formally verified the anti-tracking ability of TrackingFree by Alloy.