A limited number of student travel grants are available to help pay for travel, accommodations, and NDSS Symposium registration fees for full-time students attending the 24th annual Network and Distributed System Security (NDSS) Symposium, 26 February – 1 March 2017 in San Diego, California.

How many student grants are available?

  • A limited number of student grants are available.  The actual number is determined by the total amount of sponsorship money secured each year.
  • For NDSS 2016 there were 16 grants to U.S.-based students and 3 grants awarded to international students.

Which of the two grant types should I apply for?

The NDSS host, Internet Society, administers two types of student travel grants:

  • U.S.-based students: This grant is only available to graduate and undergraduate students from U.S.-based educational institutions.  You need not be a U.S. citizen, just studying at a U.S.-based institution.  Special considerations will be given to first-time attendees.
  • Non-U.S. based students: This grant is available to graduate and undergraduate students from non-U.S. based educational institutions. Special consideration will be given to students from emerging economies.

Both travel grants also strongly encourage applications from women and from students from under-represented minority communities.  Where you attend school determines to which travel grant you should apply.

Who is eligible to submit an application for a grant?

  • Full time graduate or undergraduate student, preference is to graduate students.
  • Students enrolled in a security related program at a college or university.

What are the documents required for the application?

  • A completed Student Travel Grant Application Form
  • Proof of full time student status:  (a letter from your department stating that you are a full-time student, OR a copy of your current transcript)
  • Your CV or resume
  • Letter of recommendation from a professor or academic advisor stating:
  1. How you, the student, would benefit from attending NDSS;
  2. As a student, your capacity to contribute positively to the conference proceedings; and
  3. If your professor or educational institution will cover any cost of attending NDSS that is in excess of the student travel grant.
  • Personal statement including why you believe you would benefit from attending NDSS, a brief statement of research interests, and areas reflected in the NDSS program that would impact your research.

What DO the student grants cover?

Registration fees and a portion of travel expenses on a reimbursement basis.

What do the student grants NOT cover?

  • Food and beverage
  • Incidentals and personal items

How will awards be determined?

  • All awards will be determined by a selection committee established by members of the NDSS Steering Group and Program Committee.
  • Considerations for grant recipients will include:
    • Evidence of serious interest and aptitude in the security field, as demonstrated by coursework and/or project experience;
    • Evidence of community leadership interests and skills, as demonstrated by engagement with the broader community;
    • Evidence of collaboration and teamwork activities, especially as applied to problems in the security field;
    • Identified benefit from attendance and participation, particularly how participating in the symposium could shape the student’s future studies and/or research;
    • Demonstrated potential as an emerging security researcher who could contribute to the publish content at future NDSS symposia;
    • Considerations for students from underrepresented communities and first-time attendees; and
    • Proof of enrollment in a security-related program at a college/university

I understand that student authors are not preferred applicants to submit grant applications, but does this restriction apply to second/third authors of accepted papers?

  • Yes, the restriction does apply to any author of the paper.
  • We will accept applications from authors of accepted papers with the caveat that we will use “emerging security researcher” to as one of the selection criteria.

What is the timing for the application deadline and announcement of the award recipients?

  • Applications are due no later than December 31, 2016
  • Recipients will be notified of their selection no later than January 27, 2017

To apply for a grant, please download this NDSS 2017 Student Grant Application.pdf and submit to: [email protected].