A Premier Cybersecurity Conference

The Network and Distributed System Symposium (NDSS) fosters information exchange among researchers and practitioners of network and distributed system security. A major goal is to encourage and enable the Internet community to develop, deploy, and advance the state of available network and distributed systems security technology.


  • Frequent security breaches erode customer trust
  • Open access to the highest quality peer reviewed security research
  • Development of the next generation of leaders in security research and practices

Who Attends

The audience includes those interested in practical aspects of network and distributed system security, with a focus on actual system design and implementation.

  • University Researchers and Educators
  • Chief Technology and Privacy Officers
  • Security Analysts and System Administrators
  • Operations and Security Managers

The NDSS Difference

At NDSS, participants benefit from:

  • Presentations of solution-oriented scientific and technical papers, by leaders in the field
  • Experts debating new and practical approaches to security problems
  • Extended question and answer sessions following all presentations
  • Informal discussions with colleagues over the three-day period

The conference is unique as one of the most applied conferences, with a mix of academic and industry participation, and its publication model is fully open: All publications are freely available on the NDSS portion of the Internet Society website.

Conference development is led by a steering group of academic and industry security professionals. Papers are peer reviewed and selected by a program committee.

Both the steering group and the program committee members are volunteers.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Companies sponsoring NDSS gain a high profile among security researchers and practitioners.

Sponsorship includes a number of benefits and recognition opportunities to demonstrate your support for network and distributed system security research, education and practice. In addition to the standard sponsorship levels and benefits, sponsors can suggest specific benefits or programs they would like to pursue as part of their sponsorship.

Contact Karen Schofield-Leca at [email protected] for more information.

NDSS 2017 Highlights

  • 368 registration; 32% student participation, 33% international participation
  • 68 peer-reviewed papers published, 16.1% paper acceptance rate
  • Increased collaboration between academic security research community and the IETF standards community.
  • Usable Security and DNS Privacy Workshop
  • First year recording presentations
  • Dual track to accommodate more papers
  • 19 US-based travel grants provided by the National Science Foundation, 4 international travel grants provided by ISOC

What the Attendees Said…

“This is my favorite conference … I learn more at this conference than all other conferences combined. I’ve been attending almost since it started.”

“This valuable experience at NDSS gave me the opportunity to learn the importance of teamwork in perfecting the presentation and ensuring that all aspects have been covered.”

“It’s academic, research oriented.”

“More scientific rather than vendor centric.”

“High quality of papers.”

“Wonderful experience.”


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