Workshop on Usable Security

Sunday, February 18, 2018

USEC Workshop Proceedings Front Matter

8:30Welcome from the Chairs 
8:40Session 1: 
 Exploring Website Location as a Security IndicatorDer-Yeuan Yu, Elizabeth Stobert, David Basin and Srdjan Capkun
 User Context: An Explanatory Variable in Phishing SusceptibilityKristen Greene, Michelle Steves, Mary Theofanos and Jennifer Kostick
 Sonification in Security Operations Centres: What do Security Practitioners Think?Louise Axon, Bushra Alahmadi, Jason R. C. Nurse, Michael Goldsmith and Sadie Creese
10:00Coffee Break 
10:30Session 2:
 TinPal: An Enhanced Interface for Pattern LocksHarshal Tupsamudre, Sukanya Vaddepalli, Vijayanand Banahatti and Sachin Lodha
 Towards Understanding Connections between Security/Privacy Attitudes and Unlock AuthenticationAdam Aviv and Ravi Kuber
 Quantifying Users’ Beliefs about Software UpdatesArunesh Mathur, Nathan Malkin, Marian Harbach, Eyal Peer and Serge Egelman
 Work-In-Progress: Performance of Eyes-Free Mobile AuthenticationFlynn Wolf, Adam Aviv and Ravi Kuber
 Work in Progress: Usable Security vs. Workflow RealitiesJim Blythe, Vijay Kothari, Sean Smith and Ross Koppel
13:30Session 3: (Joint session with DNS Privacy workshop)
 DNS-over-TLS on AndroidBen Schwartz (Google), Erik Kline (Google)
 Stubby – A DNS Privacy client: Current status and GUISara Dickinson (Sinodun)
 Panel Session: DNS Privacy UsabilityPanel Members: Mary Ellen Zurko (MIT), Emily Stark (Google), Ben Schwartz (Google),
Daniel Kahn Gillmor (ACLU)
Moderator: Allison Mankin
 Privacy and usability implications of onion domainsPhillip Winter (Princeton University)
15:00Coffee Break 
15:30Session 4:
 A Survey Of the Privacy Preferences and Practices of Iranian Users of TelegramElham Vaziripour, Reza Farahbakhsh, Mark O’Neill, Justin Wu, Kent Seamons and Daniel Zappala
 Metaphors considered harmful? An exploratory study of the effectiveness of functional metaphors for end-to-end encryptionAlbese Demjaha, Jonathan Spring, Ingolf Becker, Simon Parkin and Angela Sasse
 Exploring Parents’ Security and Privacy Concerns and PracticesAbdulmajeed Alqhatani and Heather Lipford
17:00Session 5: 
 Closing KeynoteEmily Stark, Google Inc.