VehicleSec 2023 Call For Sponsorship

The Inaugural Internet Society (ISOC) Symposium on Vehicle Security and Privacy (VehicleSec 2023) is built on the successes of Automotive and Autonomous Vehicle Security (AutoSec) Workshop. The symposium aims at bringing together an audience of university researchers, scientists, industry professionals, and government representatives to contribute new theories, technologies, and systems on any security/privacy issues related to vehicles (e.g., ground, aerial, underwater), their sub-systems (e.g., in-vehicle networks, autonomy, connectivity, human-machine interfaces), supporting infrastructures (e.g., transportation infrastructure, ground control station), and related fundamental technologies (e.g., sensing, control, AI/ML/DNN, real-time computing, edge computing, location service, simulation, digital twin, multi-agent protocol/system design, and human-machine interaction).

VehicleSec 2023 will be a hybrid event, co-located with the Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS) 2023. Besides the main program, VehicleSec will host a demo/poster session, a lightning talk session, and a community reception. We are looking forward to receiving sponsorship from academia, industry, and government to help foster new ideas on vehicle security and privacy.

Sponsorship and Benefits

  • Sponsorship of VehicleSec is an excellent opportunity for your organization to reach the world’s leading vehicle security and privacy researchers, professionals, and potential future collaborators and employees.
  • In addition to VehicleSec attendees, your sponsorship will also be prominently visible to everyone visiting the ISOC NDSS and VehicleSec symposium websites.
  • All sponsorship funds will be used to enhance the quality of the symposium and to enable broad participation, especially by talented students.

Sponsorship Categories

We will use the sponsorship in the following categories:

  • VehicleSec will host a reception with refreshments for the community. Your sponsorship will be prominently visible to in-person attendees.
  • VehicleSec will provide travel grants to domestic and international students. Your sponsorship will be explicitly made known to the travel grant awardees.
Cost$6-10k USD$3-5k USD$1-2k USD
Complimentary VehicleSec registration632
Listing organization logo on symposium websiteLargeMediumSmall
Listing organization logo on physical materials (e.g., posters, brochure) showing in the symposiumLargeMediumSmall
Showing organization logo on screen during program breaksLargeMediumSmall
Program Session Naming (e.g., for keynote, panel, lightning talk)✓ (highest priority)
(higher priority than Silver)
Social Event Naming (e.g., for reception, luncheon)✓ (highest priority)
(higher priority than Silver)
Award Naming (e.g., paper/demo/poster awards)✓ (highest priority)
(higher priority than Silver)
Student Travel Grant Naming
(highest priority)

(higher priority than Silver)
A Table for Each Organization (e.g., during the symposium and/or social events) 
Recognizations in Social Media Posts4 times2 times1 time