Abdulmajeed Alqhatani, Heather R. Lipford (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)

Users of wearable fitness devices share different pieces of information with a variety of recipients to support their health and fitness goals. Device platforms could ease this sharing and empower users to protect their information by providing controls and features centered around these common sharing goals. However, there is little research that examines existing mechanisms for sharing and privacy management, and what needs users have beyond their current controls. In this paper, we analyze five popular wearable device platforms to develop taxonomies of mechanisms based on common sharing patterns and boundaries, as well as data collection awareness. With this analysis, we identify design opportunities for supporting users’ sharing and privacy needs.

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Programmer's Perception of Sensitive Information in Code

Xinyao Ma, Ambarish Aniruddha Gurjar, Anesu Christopher Chaora, Tatiana R Ringenberg, L. Jean Camp (Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering, Indiana University Bloomington)

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“I used to live in Florida”: Exploring the Impact...

Imani N. S. Munyaka (University of California, San Diego), Daniel A Delgado, Juan Gilbert, Jaime Ruiz, Patrick Traynor (University of Florida)

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The Abuser Inside Apps: Finding the Culprit Committing Mobile...

Joongyum Kim (KAIST), Jung-hwan Park (KAIST), Sooel Son (KAIST)

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LaKSA: A Probabilistic Proof-of-Stake Protocol

Daniel Reijsbergen (Singapore University of Technology and Design), Pawel Szalachowski (Singapore University of Technology and Design), Junming Ke (University of Tartu), Zengpeng Li (Singapore University of Technology and Design), Jianying Zhou (Singapore University of Technology and Design)

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