Jason Morris, Ingolf Becker, Simon Parkin (University College London)

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A Phish Scale: Rating Human Phishing Message Detection Difficulty

Michelle P. Steves, Kristen K. Greene, Mary F. Theofanos (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

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A First Look at the Usability of OpenVAS Vulnerability...

M. Uğur Aksu, Enes Altuncu, Kemal Bicakci (TOBB University of Economics and Technology)

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Security Awareness Training through Experiencing the Adversarial Mindset

Jens Christian Dalgaard, Niek A. Janssen, Oksana Kulyuk, Carsten Schurmann (IT University of Copenhagen)

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A Study on Security and Privacy Practices in Danish...

Asmita Dalela (IT University of Copenhagen), Saverio Giallorenzo (Department of Computer Science and Engineering - University of Bologna), Oksana Kulyk...

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