Zaina Aljallad (University of Central Florida); Wentao Guo (Pomona College); Chhaya Chouhan, Christy Laperriere (University of Central Florida); Jess Kropczynski (University of Cincinnati); Pamela Wisnewski (University of Central Florida); Heather Lipford (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)

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Automatic Retrieval of Privacy Factors from IoMT Policies: ML...

Nyteisha Bookert, Mohd Anwar (North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University)

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The Walls Have Ears: Gauging Security Awareness in a...

Gokul Jayakrishnan, Vijayanand Banahatti, Sachin Lodha (TCS Research Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.)

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Work in Progress: On the In-Accuracy and Influence of...

Maximilian Golla, Jan Rimkus (Ruhr University Bochum); Adam J. Aviv (United States Naval Academy); Markus Dürmuth (Ruhr University Bochum)

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Will They Share? Predicting Location Sharing Behaviors of Smartphone...

Muhammad Irtaza Safi, Abhiditya Jha (University of Central Florida); Malak Eihab Aly (New York University); Xinru Page (Bentley University); Sameer Patil (Indiana University); Pamela Wisniewski (University of Central Florida)

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