Shoham Shitrit(University of Rochester) and Sreepathi Pai (University of Rochester)

Formal semantics for instruction sets can be used to validate implementations through formal verification. However, testing is often the only feasible method when checking an artifact such as a hardware processor, a simulator, or a compiler. In this work, we construct a pipeline that can be used to automatically generate a test suite for an instruction set from its executable semantics. Our method mutates the formal semantics, expressed as a C program, to introduce bugs in the semantics. Using a bounded model checker, we then check the mutated semantics to the original for equivalence. Since the mutated and original semantics are usually not equivalent, this yields counterexamples which can be used to construct a test suite. By combining a mutation testing engine with a bounded model checker, we obtain a fully automatic method for constructing test suites for a given formal semantics. We intend to instantiate this on a formal semantics of a portion of NVIDIA’s PTX instruction set for GPUs that we have developed. We will compare to our existing method of testing that uses stratified random sampling and evaluate effectiveness, cost, and feasibility.

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Repttack: Exploiting Cloud Schedulers to Guide Co-Location Attacks

Chongzhou Fang (University of California, Davis), Han Wang (University of California, Davis), Najmeh Nazari (University of California, Davis), Behnam Omidi (George Mason University), Avesta Sasan (University of California, Davis), Khaled N. Khasawneh (George Mason University), Setareh Rafatirad (University of California, Davis), Houman Homayoun (University of California, Davis)

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Usability of Cryptocurrency Wallets Providing CoinJoin Transactions

Simin Ghesmati (Uni Wien, SBA Research), Walid Fdhila (Uni Wien, SBA Research), Edgar Weippl (Uni Wien, SBA Research)

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VISAS-Detecting GPS spoofing attacks against drones by analyzing camera's...

Barak Davidovich (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev), Ben Nassi (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev) and Yuval Elovici (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)

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Tetrad: Actively Secure 4PC for Secure Training and Inference

Nishat Koti (IISc Bangalore), Arpita Patra (IISc Bangalore), Rahul Rachuri (Aarhus University, Denmark), Ajith Suresh (IISc, Bangalore)

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