Adriana Porter Felt (Director of Engineering for Chrome)

Billions of people use Chrome to go about their daily lives: for school, for work, for joy, for shopping, for curiosity, and for secrets. Members of the Chrome engineering team are deeply conscious of (and constrained by) the responsibility that comes with broad product adoption. Adriana will talk about the lessons learned through a decade on the Chrome team. She’ll share surprises that she encountered when she transitioned from academia to industry, best practices that she learned as a Chrome security team member, and challenges that she has faced as a product engineering leader. What do you do when security goals conflict with other user needs? How do you balance execution speed with security? What’s hard to do even when you have Google's resources behind you? Where is academia ahead of industry, and what papers are sitting on engineers' desks?

Speaker's Biography

Adriana Porter Felt is a Director of Engineering at Google, where she leads Chrome’s Data Science, content ecosystem, and iOS teams. Previously, Adriana founded and led Chrome's usable security team. She is best known externally for her work on moving the web to HTTPS, earning her recognition as one of MIT Technology Review's Innovators Under 35. Adriana holds a PhD from UC Berkeley, and most of her academic publications are on usable security for browsers and mobile operating systems.

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