Jelena Mirkovic (USC Information Sciences Institute)

Cybersecurity and privacy research is of critical importance to keep our nation and our infrastructure safe, and to protect intellectual progress broadly across scientific disciplines of national importance. Reproducible experimentation in common, easy-to-use environments, with public datasets, is essential for accelerated progress in cybersecurity and privacy research. For too long our adversaries have exploited our cyber infrastructure largely undeterred, while our research has remained opportunistic. It is performed piecemeal, using tools, datasets, and equipment available to a given research lab, often in isolation from other related work and often on much simplified versions of larger, interdependent systems. In this talk I will report on our recently held Cybersecurity experimentation workshop (Dec 14, 2022), and findings from the community discussions around needs for future cybersecurity experimentation.

Speaker's biography

Jelena Mirkovic is Research Team Leader at USC Information Sciences Institute and research associate professor of Computer Science at USC. During her professional career she published more than 100 conference and journal papers, and the first book on the denial-of-service attacks. She also pioneered use of testbeds in cybersecurity education. Her research interests span networking, security and education. Her current research is focused on denial-of-service attacks, phishing, user authentication, user privacy and cybersecurity education.

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