Gokul Jayakrishnan, Vijayanand Banahatti, Sachin Lodha (TCS Research Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.)

The pandemic changed the global enterprise working model. Work from home became the norm and so did the associated security risks. The new workspace posed new dangers such as insecure network and lack of organizational supervisions at home. Failing to adhere to strict security practices in the comfort of home could result in the leakage of confidential information. So, employees’ security awareness plays a major role in this new setting. In this paper, we present ‘Secure Workspace’, a serious game set in a simulated home workspace, that we used to gauge the awareness levels of enterprise employees on secure practices. Our game was well received and played by over 36,000 participants. Based on the participants’ performance, we present insights on their awareness, and an advisory to help reduce the number of security violations while working from home.

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