Jens Christian Dalgaard, Niek A. Janssen, Oksana Kulyuk, Carsten Schurmann (IT University of Copenhagen)

Cybersecurity concerns are increasingly growing across different sectors globally, yet security education remains a challenge. As such, many of the current proposals suffer from drawbacks, such as failing to engage users or to provide them with actionable guidelines on how to protect their security assets in practice. In this work, we propose an approach for designing security trainings from an adversarial perspective, where the audience learns about the specific methodology of the specific methods, which attackers can use to break into IT systems. We design a platform based on our proposed approach and evaluate it in an empirical study (N = 34), showing promising results in terms of motivating users to follow security policies.

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RCABench: Open Benchmarking Platform for Root Cause Analysis

Keisuke Nishimura, Yuichi Sugiyama, Yuki Koike, Masaya Motoda, Tomoya Kitagawa, Toshiki Takatera, Yuma Kurogome (Ricerca Security, Inc.)

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Location Data and COVID-19 Contact Tracing: How Data Privacy...

Callie Monroe, Faiza Tazi, Sanchari Das (university of Denver)

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Operationalizing Cybersecurity Research Ethics Review: From Principles and Guidelines...

Dennis Reidsma, Jeroen van der Ham, and Andrea Continella (University of Twente)

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