Michael Westra (In-Vehicle Cyber Security Technical Manager, Ford)

Automotive cybersecurity research has tended to focus on existing vehicle technology including areas like CAN, intrusion detection, or connected IT systems. This talk will cover technology areas recently in vehicles or likely to appear soon. This will focus where security work could prove fruitful including Ethernet, Software-defined Vehicle, Electrification, and monitoring. If time permits, a brief discussion of recent regulatory changes impacting automotive may be covered.

Speaker's Biography
Michael Westra is the Connected Vehicle Cyber Security Technical Manager at Ford Motor Company focused on Cyber Security for connectivity into vehicles and connected technology including embedded modems, Infotainment, cloud, autonomous, and mobile systems. Mike has a MS from University of Michigan in Software Engineering and a BS from Calvin University in Computer Science. Mike has over 25 years at Ford, with roles including leading Product Cyber, software architect for SYNC, leading a software team developing supercomputer modeling applications, and various software development roles. Mike has over 25 patents issued or in various stages of filing.

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