Jaewan Seo, Jiwon Kwak, Seungjoo Kim (Korea University)

Through wireless networks, the number of cyberattacks on automotive systems is increasing. To respond to cyberattacks on automotive systems, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) has enacted the UN Regulation series. Among them, UN R156 specifies the requirements that are necessary for the design and implementation of a software update management system (SUMS). However, the requirements of UN R156 are too abstract to develop the overall systems of SUMS. Therefore, we conducted threat modeling to obtain more specific security requirements than those specified in the UN R156. Based on the threat modeling, we proposed a secure SUMS architecture that meets specific security requirements. Finally, we formally verified whether our SUMS architecture logically meets the security requirements by Event-B.

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InfoMasker: Preventing Eavesdropping Using Phoneme-Based Noise

Peng Huang (Zhejiang University), Yao Wei (Zhejiang University), Peng Cheng (Zhejiang University), Zhongjie Ba (Zhejiang University), Li Lu (Zhejiang University),...

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Improving In-vehicle Networks Intrusion Detection Using On-Device Transfer Learning

Sampath Rajapaksha (Robert Gordon University), Harsha Kalutarage (Robert Gordon University), M.Omar Al-Kadri (Birmingham City University), Andrei Petrovski (Robert Gordon University),...

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