Nicolas Quero (Expleo France), Aymen Boudguiga (CEA LIST), Renaud Sirdey (CEA LIST), Nadir Karam (Expleo France)

Platooning is an upcoming technology which aims at improving transportation by allowing a leading human-driven vehicle to automatically guide multiple trucks to their respective destinations, saving driver time, improving road efficiency and reducing gas consumption. However, efficient linkage of trucks to platoons requires the centralization and processing of business-critical data which truck operators are not willing to disclose. In order to address these issues, we investigate how homomorphic encryption can be used at the core of a protocol for privately linking a vehicle to a nearby platoon without disclosing its location and destination. Furthermore, we provide experimental results illustrating that such protocols achieve acceptable performances and latencies at practical platoon database scales (serving around 500 simultaneous clients on a single platooning server processor core with sub second latency over databases of up to ≈60000 platoons scattered among over 250 destinations).

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RR: A Fault Model for Efficient TEE Replication

Baltasar Dinis (Instituto Superior Técnico (IST-ULisboa) / INESC-ID / MPI-SWS), Peter Druschel (MPI-SWS), Rodrigo Rodrigues (Instituto Superior Técnico (IST-ULisboa) / INESC-ID)

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Securing Federated Sensitive Topic Classification against Poisoning Attacks

Tianyue Chu (IMDEA Networks Institute), Alvaro Garcia-Recuero (IMDEA Networks Institute), Costas Iordanou (Cyprus University of Technology), Georgios Smaragdakis (TU Delft), Nikolaos Laoutaris (IMDEA Networks Institute)

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Brokenwire : Wireless Disruption of CCS Electric Vehicle Charging

Sebastian Köhler (University of Oxford), Richard Baker (University of Oxford), Martin Strohmeier (armasuisse Science + Technology), Ivan Martinovic (University of Oxford)

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The Advantages of Distributed TCAM Firewalls in Automotive Real-Time...

Evan Allen (Virginia Tech), Zeb Bowden (Virginia Tech Transportation Institute), J. Scot Ransbottom (Virginia Tech)

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