Anup K Ghosh

One of the hardest challenges for companies and their officers is determining how much to spend on cybersecurity and the appropriate allocation of those resources. Security “investments” are a cost on the ledger, and as such, companies do not want to spend more on security than they have to. The question most boards have is “how much security is enough?” and “how good is our security program?” Most CISOs and SOC teams have a hard time answering these questions for a lack of data and framework to measure risk and compare with other similar sized companies. This paper presents a data-driven practical approach to assessing and scoring cybersecurity risk that can be used to allocate resources efficiently a nd mitigate cybersecurity risk in areas that need it the most. We combine both static and dynamic measures of risk to give a composite score more indicative of cybersecurity risk over static measures alone.

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Ghost Domain Reloaded: Vulnerable Links in Domain Name Delegation...

Xiang Li (Tsinghua University), Baojun Liu (Tsinghua University), Xuesong Bai (University of California, Irvine), Mingming Zhang (Tsinghua University), Qifan Zhang (University of California, Irvine), Zhou Li (University of California, Irvine), Haixin Duan (Tsinghua University; QI-ANXIN Technology Research Institute; Zhongguancun Laboratory), Qi Li (Tsinghua University; Zhongguancun Laboratory)

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Fine-Grained Trackability in Protocol Executions

Ksenia Budykho (Surrey Centre for Cyber Security, University of Surrey, UK), Ioana Boureanu (Surrey Centre for Cyber Security, University of Surrey, UK), Steve Wesemeyer (Surrey Centre for Cyber Security, University of Surrey, UK), Daniel Romero (NCC Group), Matt Lewis (NCC Group), Yogaratnam Rahulan (5G/6G Innovation Centre - 5GIC/6GIC, University of Surrey, UK), Fortunat Rajaona (Surrey…

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Ethical Challenges in Blockchain Network Measurement Research

Yuzhe Tang (Syracuse University), Kai Li (San Diego State University), and Yibo Wang and Jiaqi Chen (Syracuse University)

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Detecting Unknown Encrypted Malicious Traffic in Real Time via...

Chuanpu Fu (Tsinghua University), Qi Li (Tsinghua University), Ke Xu (Tsinghua University)

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