Yuzhe Tang (Syracuse University), Kai Li (San Diego State University), and Yibo Wang and Jiaqi Chen (Syracuse University)

Public blockchains are the digital infrastructure that powers the multi-trillion-dollar economy in cryptocurrencies. Understanding the security and performance of deployed blockchain networks is critically important, especially when the open-membership nature of blockchain results in a large attack surface. However, measuring operational blockchain networks raises ethical concerns and could interfere with the businesses running atop the blockchains. This work presents a survey of the recent measurement studies on the Ethereum networks and discusses their ethical issues, practices, and solutions. The paper also identifies several open ethical challenges faced by blockchain researchers.

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Reminding Drivers of the Stalking Vehicles on the Road

Wei Sun, Kannan Srinivsan (The Ohio State University)

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Accountable Javascript Code Delivery

Ilkan Esiyok (CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security), Pascal Berrang (University of Birmingham & Nimiq), Katriel Cohn-Gordon (Meta), Robert K√ľnnemann...

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Short: Certifiably Robust Perception Against Adversarial Patch Attacks: A...

Chong Xiang (Princeton University), Chawin Sitawarin (University of California, Berkeley), Tong Wu (Princeton University), Prateek Mittal (Princeton University)

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Do Not Give a Dog Bread Every Time He...

Chongqing Lei (Southeast University), Zhen Ling (Southeast University), Yue Zhang (Jinan University), Kai Dong (Southeast University), Kaizheng Liu (Southeast University),...

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