Yuzhe Tang (Syracuse University), Kai Li (San Diego State University), and Yibo Wang and Jiaqi Chen (Syracuse University)

Public blockchains are the digital infrastructure that powers the multi-trillion-dollar economy in cryptocurrencies. Understanding the security and performance of deployed blockchain networks is critically important, especially when the open-membership nature of blockchain results in a large attack surface. However, measuring operational blockchain networks raises ethical concerns and could interfere with the businesses running atop the blockchains. This work presents a survey of the recent measurement studies on the Ethereum networks and discusses their ethical issues, practices, and solutions. The paper also identifies several open ethical challenges faced by blockchain researchers.

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Cybersecurity of COSPAS-SARSAT and EPIRB: threat and attacker models,...

Andrei Costin, Hannu Turtiainen, Syed Khandkher and Timo Hamalainen (Faculty of Information Technology, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland) Presenter: Andrei Costin

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Real Threshold ECDSA

Harry W. H. Wong (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Jack P. K. Ma (The Chinese University of Hong Kong),...

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Privacy-Preserving Database Fingerprinting

Tianxi Ji (Texas Tech University), Erman Ayday (Case Western Reserve University), Emre Yilmaz (University of Houston-Downtown), Ming Li (CSE Department...

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Adventures in Wonderland: Automotive Cyber beyond the CAN Bus

Michael Westra (In-Vehicle Cyber Security Technical Manager, Ford)

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