Yoshimichi Nakatsuka (University of California, Irvine)

GDPR and CCPA granted consumers various rights, including the right to access, modify, or delete any personal information collected by online services. During the process, services must authenticate the consumer and this is especially a challenge for users without accounts. To overcome this issue, we presented VICEROY at NDSS 2023. In this talk, we will be presenting the experimental efforts of VICEROY. The first section of the talk will provide a brief introduction of VICEROY and its design. Next, we will discuss the implementation and evaluation aspects of VICEROY and how the research community can benefit from it. Our talk will be especially focusing on: (1) the use of Solokey, a secure hardware token with open source firmware and bootloader, and (2) the challenges we faced during the end-to-end evaluation of VICEROY, including the server, browser extension, and the secure hardware token. Finally, we will conclude the talk with future directions for VICEROY.

Speaker’s Biography

Yoshimichi Nakatsuka is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of California, Irvine under the supervision of Professor Gene Tsudik. His main research interest lies in the intersection of Web security / privacy and Confidential Computing.

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