H M Sabbir Ahmad, Ehsan Sabouni, Akua Dickson (Boston University), Wei Xiao (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Christos Cassandras, Wenchao Li (Boston University)

We address the security of a network of Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs) cooperating to safely navigate through a conflict area (e.g., traffic intersections, merging roadways, roundabouts). Previous studies have shown that such a network can be targeted by adversarial attacks causing traffic jams or safety violations ending in collisions. We focus on attacks targeting the V2X communication network used to share vehicle data and consider as well uncertainties due to noise in sensor measurements and communication channels. To combat these, motivated by recent work on the safe control of CAVs, we propose a trust-aware robust event-triggered decentralized control and coordination framework that can provably guarantee safety. We maintain a trust metric for each vehicle in the network computed based on their behavior and used to balance the tradeoff between conservativeness (when deeming every vehicle as untrustworthy) and guaranteed safety and security. It is important to highlight that our framework is invariant to the specific choice of the trust framework. Based on this framework, we propose an attack detection and mitigation scheme which has twofold benefits: (i) the trust framework is immune to false positives, and (ii) it provably guarantees safety against false positive cases. We use extensive simulations (in SUMO and CARLA) to validate the theoretical guarantees and demonstrate the efficacy of our proposed scheme to detect and mitigate adversarial attacks.

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When Cryptography Needs a Hand: Practical Post-Quantum Authentication for...

Geoff Twardokus (Rochester Institute of Technology), Nina Bindel (SandboxAQ), Hanif Rahbari (Rochester Institute of Technology), Sarah McCarthy (University of Waterloo)

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On Precisely Detecting Censorship Circumvention in Real-World Networks

Ryan Wails (Georgetown University, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory), George Arnold Sullivan (University of California, San Diego), Micah Sherr (Georgetown University), Rob Jansen (U.S. Naval Research Laboratory)

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Semi-Automated Synthesis of Driving Rules

Diego Ortiz, Leilani Gilpin, Alvaro A. Cardenas (University of California, Santa Cruz)

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Xigao Li (Stony Brook University), Amir Rahmati (Stony Brook University), Nick Nikiforakis (Stony Brook University)

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