Rakesh Bobba, Dave Nevin (Oregon State University)

ORTSOC - The Nation’s First Cybersecurity Teaching Hospital is the heart of a new academic program in Cybersecurity at Oregon State University. Adapted from the clinical rotation model long used by our nation’s teaching hospitals, ORTSOC provides experiential learning opportunities for students through a year-long program which is embedded into the curriculum. Guided by experienced professionals, students in the program hone their cybersecurity skills by providing managed cybersecurity services to a consortium of under-served organizations across the region. For students seeking to start careers in cybersecurity operations, the clinical program offers a carefully structured opportunity to build an experiential bridge between the classroom and professional practice. During this talk, the co-founders of the ORTSOC will share an overview of the program, present education and service goals, and discuss the pros and challenges of a SOC-based clinical rotations model for cybersecurity education.

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Compromising Industrial Processes using Web-Based Programmable Logic Controller Malware

Ryan Pickren (Georgia Institute of Technology), Tohid Shekari (Georgia Institute of Technology), Saman Zonouz (Georgia Institute of Technology), Raheem Beyah (Georgia Institute of Technology)

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Transpose Attack: Stealing Datasets with Bidirectional Training

Guy Amit (Ben-Gurion University), Moshe Levy (Ben-Gurion University), Yisroel Mirsky (Ben-Gurion University)

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CamPro: Camera-based Anti-Facial Recognition

Wenjun Zhu (Zhejiang University), Yuan Sun (Zhejiang University), Jiani Liu (Zhejiang University), Yushi Cheng (Zhejiang University), Xiaoyu Ji (Zhejiang University), Wenyuan Xu (Zhejiang University)

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Low-Quality Training Data Only? A Robust Framework for Detecting...

Yuqi Qing (Tsinghua University), Qilei Yin (Zhongguancun Laboratory), Xinhao Deng (Tsinghua University), Yihao Chen (Tsinghua University), Zhuotao Liu (Tsinghua University), Kun Sun (George Mason University), Ke Xu (Tsinghua University), Jia Zhang (Tsinghua University), Qi Li (Tsinghua University)

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