Zhibo Jin (The University of Sydney), Jiayu Zhang (Suzhou Yierqi), Zhiyu Zhu, Huaming Chen (The University of Sydney)

The robustness of deep learning models against adversarial attacks remains a pivotal concern. This study presents, for the first time, an exhaustive review of the transferability aspect of adversarial attacks. It systematically categorizes and critically evaluates various methodologies developed to augment the transferability of adversarial attacks. This study encompasses a spectrum of techniques, including Generative Structure, Semantic Similarity, Gradient Editing, Target Modification, and Ensemble Approach. Concurrently, this paper introduces a benchmark framework TAA-Bench, integrating ten leading methodologies for adversarial attack transferability, thereby providing a standardized and systematic platform for comparative analysis across diverse model architectures. Through comprehensive scrutiny, we delineate the efficacy and constraints of each method, shedding light on their underlying operational principles and practical utility. This review endeavors to be a quintessential resource for both scholars and practitioners in the field, charting the complex terrain of adversarial transferability and setting a foundation for future explorations in this vital sector. The associated codebase is accessible at: https://github.com/KxPlaug/TAA-Bench

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DynPRE: Protocol Reverse Engineering via Dynamic Inference

Zhengxiong Luo (Tsinghua University), Kai Liang (Central South University), Yanyang Zhao (Tsinghua University), Feifan Wu (Tsinghua University), Junze Yu (Tsinghua University), Heyuan Shi (Central South University), Yu Jiang (Tsinghua University)

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Eavesdropping on Controller Acoustic Emanation for Keystroke Inference Attack...

Shiqing Luo (George Mason University), Anh Nguyen (George Mason University), Hafsa Farooq (Georgia State University), Kun Sun (George Mason University), Zhisheng Yan (George Mason University)

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On the Security of Satellite-Based Air Traffic Control

Martin Strohmeier (Cyber-Defence Campus, armasuisse S+T), Tobias Lüscher (ETH Zurich), Vincent Lenders (Cyber-Defence Campus, armasuisse S+T)

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Securing Automotive Software Supply Chains (Long)

Marina Moore, Aditya Sirish A Yelgundhalli (New York University), Justin Cappos (NYU)

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