Jaeho Lee (Rice University), Ang Chen (Rice University), Dan S. Wallach (Rice University)

A good security practice for handling sensitive data, such as passwords, is to overwrite the data buffers with zeros once the data is no longer in use. This protects against attackers who gain a snapshot of a device’s physical memory, whether by in- person physical attacks, or by remote attacks like Meltdown and Spectre. This paper looks at unnecessary password retention in Android phones by popular apps, secure password management apps, and even the lockscreen system process. We have performed a comprehensive analysis of the Android framework and a variety of apps, and discovered that passwords can survive in a variety of locations, including UI widgets where users enter their passwords, apps that retain passwords rather than exchange them for tokens, old copies not yet reused by garbage collectors, and buffers in keyboard apps. We have developed solutions that successfully fix these problems with modest code changes.

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Cybercriminal Minds: An investigative study of cryptocurrency abuses in...

Seunghyeon Lee (KAIST, S2W LAB Inc.), Changhoon Yoon (S2W LAB Inc.), Heedo Kang (KAIST), Yeonkeun Kim (KAIST), Yongdae Kim (KAIST), Dongsu Han (KAIST), Sooel Son (KAIST), Seungwon Shin (KAIST, S2W LAB Inc.)

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Automating Patching of Vulnerable Open-Source Software Versions in Application...

Ruian Duan (Georgia Institute of Technology), Ashish Bijlani (Georgia Institute of Technology), Yang Ji (Georgia Institute of Technology), Omar Alrawi (Georgia Institute of Technology), Yiyuan Xiong (Peking University), Moses Ike (Georgia Institute of Technology), Brendan Saltaformaggio (Georgia Institute of Technology), Wenke Lee (Georgia Institute of Technology)

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Practical Hidden Voice Attacks against Speech and Speaker Recognition...

Hadi Abdullah (University of Florida), Washington Garcia (University of Florida), Christian Peeters (University of Florida), Patrick Traynor (University of Florida), Kevin R. B. Butler (University of Florida), Joseph Wilson (University of Florida)

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OBFUSCURO: A Commodity Obfuscation Engine on Intel SGX

Adil Ahmad (Purdue), Byunggill Joe (KAIST), Yuan Xiao (Ohio State University), Yinqian Zhang (Ohio State University), Insik Shin (KAIST), Byoungyoung Lee (Purdue/SNU)

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