NDSS Symposium 1998 Accepted Papers

Enabling the Internet White Pages Service – the Directory Guardian

David Chadwick and Andrew Young

The Multilayer Firewall

Dan Nessett and Polar Humenn

Efficient Protocols for Signing Routing Messages

Kan Zhang

Attack Detection Methods for All-Optical Networks

Muriel Médard, Douglas Marquis and Stephen R. Chinn

Distributed Algorithms for Attack Localization in All-Optical Networks

Ruth Bergman, Muriel Médard and Serena Chan

Credential Management and Secure Single Login for SPKM

Detlef Hühnlein

Some Timestamping Protocol Failures

Mike Just

The Secure Remote Password Protocol

Thomas Wu

On the Problem of Trust in Mobile Agent Systems

Uwe G. Wilhelm, Sebastian Staamann and Levente Buttyán

Implementing Protection Domains in the Java Development Kit 1.2

Li Gong and Roland Schemers

Live Traffic Analysis of TCP/IP Gateways

Phillip A. Porras and Alfonso Valdes

Automated Recovery in a Secure Bootstrap Process

William A. Arbaugh, A. Keromytis, David Farber and Jonathan M. Smith