NDSS Symposium 1999 Program

Session 1: User Authentication and Public Key Cryptography

Chair: Jonathan Trostle — Cisco Systems

Secure Password-Based Protocol for Downloading a Private Key

Radia Perlman and Charlie Kaufman

A Real-World Analysis of Kerberos Password Security

Thomas Wu

Secure Remote Access to an Internal Web Server

Christian Gilmore, David Kormann, and Aviel D. Rubin

Session 2: Panel — Security and the User

Moderator: Win Treese — Open Market [Description]


  • Peter Neumann — SRI
  • Mary Ellen Zurko — Iris Associates [Slides]
  • Mark Ackerman — University of California at Irvine [Slides]

Session 3: Cryptographic Protocols

Chair: David Balenson — TIS Labs at Network Associates

Experimenting with Shared Generation of RSA Keys

Michael Malkin, Thomas Wu, and Dan Boneh

Addressing the Problem of Undetected Signature Key Compromise

Mike Just and Paul C. van Oorschot

Practical Approach to Anonymity in Large Scale Electronic Voting Schemes

Andreu Riera and Joan Borrell

Session 4: Panel — Securing the Internet’s Exterior Routing Infrastructure

Moderator: Sue Hares — Merit [Slides]


  • Sandra Murphy — TIS Labs at Network Associates [Slides]
  • Charles Lynn — BBN Technologies [Slides]
  • Tony Li — Juniper Networks, Inc. [Slides]
  • Curtis Villamizer — ANS Communications [Slides]

Session 5: Policy and Trust Management

Chair: Warwick Ford — Verisign

Distributed Policy Management for JDK 1.2

Pekka Nikander and Jonna Partanen

Distributed Execution with Remote Audit

Fabian Monrose, Peter Wyckoff and Aviel D. Rubin

An Algebra for Assessing Trust in Certification Chains

Audun Josang

Session 6: Panel — A Network Security Research Agenda

Moderator: Fred Schneider — Cornell University [Slides]


  • Steven M. Bellovin — AT&T Labs-Research [Slides]
  • Stephen T. Kent — BBN Technologies/GTE Internetworking [Slides]
  • Roger Needham — Microsoft
  • Hilarie K. Orman — DARPA [Slides]

Session 7: Network Infrastructure Protection

Chair: Christoph L. Schuba — Sun Microsystems Laboratories

PGRIP: PNNI Global Routing Infrastructure Protection

Sabrina De Capitani di Vimercati, Patrick Lincoln, Livio Ricciulli and Pierangela Samarati

Client Puzzles: A Cryptographic Countermeasure Against Connection Depletion Attacks

Ari Juels and John Brainard

Session 8: Panel — IPSEC: Friend or Foe

Moderator: Dan Nessett — 3Com Corporation [Description]


  • Rodney Thayer — EIS Corporation [Slides]
  • Bob Braden — USC/ISI [Slides]
  • Steven M. Bellovin — AT&T Labs Research [Slides]