Network and Distributed System Security Symposium

Catamaran Resort Hotel
San Diego, California
8-9 February 2001 – Symposium

Conference Proceedings


An Algebraic Approach to IP Traceback

D. Dean, M. Franklin and A. Stubblefield

Authenticating Streamed Data in the Presence of Random Packet Loss

P. Golle and N. Modadugu

Practical Experiences with ATM Encryption

G. Byrd, N. Hillery, and J. Symon


Efficient and Secure Source Authentication for Multicast

A. Perrig, R. Canetti, D. Song and D. Tygar

TRICERT: A Distributed Certified E-Mail Scheme

G. Ateniese, B. de Medeiros and M.T. Goodrich


An Architecture for Flexible, High Assurance, Multi-Security Domain Networks

T.J. Gibson

Authentication and Key Agreement Via Memorable Passwords

T. Kwon


SPL: An Access Control Language for Security Policies and Complex Constraints, C. Ribeiro

A. Zuquete, P. Ferreira and P. Guedes

Limiting the Disclosure of Access Control Policies during Automated Trust Negotiation

K.E. Seamons, M. Winslett and T. Yu

Principles of Policy in Secure Groups

H. Harney, A. Colgrove, and P. McDaniel


Trust Management for IPsec

M. Blaze, J. Ioannidis, and A.D. Keromytis

Building Certifications Paths: Forward  vs. Reverse

Y. Elley, A. Anderson, S. Hanna, S. Mullan, R. Perlman, and S. Proctor

Decentralized Jini Security

P. Eronen, P. Nikander


Termination in Language-based Systems

A. Rudys, J. Clements, and D.S. Wallach

Cryptology As a Network Service

T. Berson, D. Dean, M. Franklin, D. Smetters, and M. Spreitzer

Implementation of Crossrealm Referral Handling in the MIT Kerberos Client

J. Trostle, and I. Kosinovsky