NDSS Symposium 2002 Program

Wireless Security and Attacks

Using the Fluhrer, Mantin, and Shamir Attack to Break WEP

Adam Stubblefield, John Ioannidis, Aviel D. Rubin

Talking to Strangers: Authentication in Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks

Dirk Balfanz, D.K. Smetters, Paul Stewart, H. Chi Wong

Anonymity and Intrusion Detection

An Analysis of the Degradation of Anonymous Protocols

Matthew Wright, Micah Adler, Brian N. Levine, Clay Shields

Distributed Pattern Detection for Intrusion Detection

Christopher Kruegel, Thomas Toth

BlueBox: A Policy-Driven, Host-Based Intrusion Detection System

Suresh N. Chari, Pau-Chen Cheng

Defending Against Network Attacks

Implementing Pushback: Router-Based Defense Against DDoS Attacks

John Ioannidis, Steven M. Bellovin

Statistically Unique and Cryptographically Verifiable (SUCV) Identifiers and Addresses

Gabriel Montenegro, Claude Castelluccia

Steganographic Content

Detecting Steganographic Content on the Internet

Niels Provos, Peter Honeyman

Server-Aided Signatures

Experimenting with Server-Aided Signatures

Xuhua Ding, Daniele Mazzocchi, Gene Tsudik

Certificates and Privilege Management

Managing Interoperability in Non-Hierarchical Public Key Infrastructures

Peter Hesse, David Lemire

Active Certificates: A Framework for Delegation

Nikita Borisov, Eric A. Brewer

PAMINA: A Certificate Based Privilege Management System

Zoltan Nochta, Peter Ebinger, Sebastian Abeck

Transport Layer Security

Performance Analysis of TLS Web Servers

Christian Coarfa, Peter Druschel, Dan S. Wallach

Fast-Track Session Establishment for TLS

Hovav Shacham, Dan Boneh

Advanced Client/Server Authentication in TLS

Adam Hess, Jared Jacobson, Hyrum Mills, Ryan Wamsley, Kent E. Seamons, Bryan Smith