Author(s): Xavier Carpent, Karim ElDefrawy, Norrathep Rattanvipanon, Gene Tsudik

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Date: 12 May 2017

Document Type: Presentations

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Associated Event: NDSS Symposium 2017


The advent of IoT brought about the paradigm of many interconnected devices, thus triggering the need for efficient collective attestation of a (possibly mobile) swarm of provers.  Though recent work has yielded some initial concepts for swarm attestation, several key issues remain unaddressed, and practical realizations have not been explored. This paper aims at advancing swarm attestation by bringing it closer to reality. Towards that goal, the paper makes two contributions: (1) defines a new metric, called QoSA: Quality of Swarm Attestation, that captures the type of information offered by a swarm attestation technique, and (2) constructs two practical attestation protocols with different QoSA features and communication and computation complexities.  Security of proposed protocols is analyzed and their performance is assessed based on experiments with prototype implementations.