NDSS Symposium 2023 Call for Posters

Page updated on 24 January.

High-quality poster presentations are an important part of the NDSS Symposium. The poster session provides a platform for discussing works in progress, new research directions, and challenges on various security and privacy topics. Similar to last year, we solicit two types of poster submissions. First, we invite traditional poster abstracts that present new ideas, work in progress, discuss ongoing research directions, and present preliminary results. Second, we also welcome authors of recently published (2021, 2022) papers on computer security to present their work during the NDSS Symposium poster session. At the conference, the best posters will be honored with prizes.

Poster Session Co-chairs

  • Alexandra Dmitrienko, University of Würzburg
  • Tiffany Bao, Arizona State University

Important Dates and Submission Site:

Submission Requirements and Guidelines:

The submission should be a single PDF document consisting of (1) the poster abstract and (2) the poster draft. Requirements for the poster abstract differ for the different poster types.

Poster abstract (type 1). Novel ideas and contributions. Authors are welcome to submit a short proposal that describes the main contributions of the poster. Proposals should contain a brief abstract, place an emphasis on the motivation for the work, and summarize contributions. Preliminary results may also be included. The proposal should clearly state the difference between the work that will be presented and any paper published or under submission on the same topic. Poster abstracts should meet the following formatting requirements:

  1. No more than 2-pages, including references and figures
  2. Formatted in the NDSS style formats (without the copyright block)
  3. Submissions must not be anonymized
  4. Titles must begin with “Poster:”

Poster abstracts will appear on the NDSS Symposium website (ndss-symposium.org) during and after the conference, but they will not be included in the conference proceedings.

Poster abstract (type 2). Recently published research. We welcome posters for papers published in 2021 and 2022. For posters on recently published research, a 1-page single-column document should be submitted that includes:

  1. Full bibliographic reference (title, authors, date, venue, etc.)  to the paper
  2. Abstract of the original paper
  3. Link/DOI to the published paper.

Accepted posters of recently published papers will have the title and authors appear on the website, with a link to the prior published work. 

Poster draft: All submissions must include a draft of the poster to receive feedback before the conference. Presented posters should be sized 32×40 inches, but should be scaled down to normal size (letter paper) for submission.

Submission guidelines: Both, the poster abstract and the poster draft should be bundled as a single pdf document, with the last page being the poster draft. That is, if your submission will be 3 pages total, the first two pages have to be the poster abstract and the last page the poster draft.

Review process: Submitted posters will be reviewed by poster chairs within the time period from January, 22nd to February, 7th. The review process for type 1 posters will evaluate ideas, contributions, and presentation style. The review process for type 2 posters will validate the quality of the original publication. All the posters will be ensured to adhere to the submission requirements. Since the poster chairs will be involved into the evaluation process, they are not allowed to make submissions.

Upon acceptance: Accepted posters will be presented at the poster session, which will be held in person at the NDSS Symposium. At least one author of the poster presentation should register and attend the conference to present the poster.

Contact [email protected] with any questions.