Alexander Kedrowitsch (Virginia Tech), Jonathan Black (Virginia Tech) Daphne Yao (Virginia Tech)

Inter-satellite links will unlock true global access to high-speed internet delivered by Low Earth Orbit (LEO) mega-constellations. Functional packet routing within the constraints of the space environment, spacecraft design, and continual satellite mobility is uniquely challenging and requires novel routing algorithm approaches. Additionally, recent real-world events have highlighted adversarial attempts to deny and disrupt mega-constellation networking capabilities. In this paper, we advance highly resilient LEO mega-constellation dynamic routing algorithms by presenting our novel, ISL architecture-derived, network coordinate system. This coordinate system simplifies the network topology and permits increasingly impactful routing decisions with minimal computational overhead. From our topology, we demonstrate a proof-of-concept, lightweight routing algorithm that is highly resilient and scalable. To promote standardized resilience comparisons for LEO mega-constellation routing algorithms, we also propose a routing resilience testing framework that defines key performance metrics, adversarial capabilities, and testing scenarios. Using our proposed framework, we demonstrate our routing algorithm’s increased resilience over several state-of-the-art dynamic routing algorithms, with 12% packet delivery rate improvement during high adversarial disruption intensities.

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EMMasker: EM Obfuscation Against Website Fingerprinting

Mohammed Aldeen, Sisheng Liang, Zhenkai Zhang, Linke Guo (Clemson University), Zheng Song (University of Michigan – Dearborn), and Long Cheng (Clemson University)

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CP-IoT: A Cross-Platform Monitoring System for Smart Home

Hai Lin (Tsinghua University), Chenglong Li (Tsinghua University), Jiahai Yang (Tsinghua University), Zhiliang Wang (Tsinghua University), Linna Fan (National University of Defense Technology), Chenxin Duan (Tsinghua University)

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“I used to live in Florida”: Exploring the Impact...

Imani N. S. Munyaka (University of California, San Diego), Daniel A Delgado, Juan Gilbert, Jaime Ruiz, Patrick Traynor (University of Florida)

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UntrustIDE: Exploiting Weaknesses in VS Code Extensions

Elizabeth Lin (North Carolina State University), Igibek Koishybayev (North Carolina State University), Trevor Dunlap (North Carolina State University), William Enck (North Carolina State University), Alexandros Kapravelos (North Carolina State University)

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