Jessie Hamill-Stewart (University of Bristol and University of Bath), Awais Rashid (University of Bristol)

Satellite services are vital for many types of critical infrastructure, including electricity, finance and transportation. Sophisticated attackers therefore may target satellites, in order to create widespread disruption. The ground infrastructure of satellite systems offers attackers direct access to satellite systems, as this is where satellites are operated and monitored. We investigate the tactics and technology utilised by attackers of satellite ground systems, through analysis of previous attacks conducted against satellite ground infrastructure. Through this investigation, we contribute to growing literature surrounding cyber attacks against satellite systems, by providing empirical analysis of techniques and tactics used to attack ground infrastructure. Analysis of attack cases is presented, and then we discuss key findings and implications for future research.

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GNNIC: Finding Long-Lost Sibling Functions with Abstract Similarity

Qiushi Wu (University of Minnesota), Zhongshu Gu (IBM Research), Hani Jamjoom (IBM Research), Kangjie Lu (University of Minnesota)

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Space-Domain AI Applications need Rigorous Security Risk Analysis

Alexandra Weber (Telespazio Germany GmbH), Peter Franke (Telespazio Germany GmbH)

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FP-Fed: Privacy-Preserving Federated Detection of Browser Fingerprinting

Meenatchi Sundaram Muthu Selva Annamalai (University College London), Igor Bilogrevic (Google), Emiliano De Cristofaro (University of California, Riverside)

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Decentralized Information-Flow Control for ROS2

Nishit V. Pandya (Indian Institute of Science Bangalore), Himanshu Kumar (Indian Institute of Science Bangalore), Gokulnath M. Pillai (Indian Institute of Science Bangalore), Vinod Ganapathy (Indian Institute of Science Bangalore)

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