Angela Sasse

Prof. Angela Sasse will reflect on what knowledge can be gathered from the research that has been published on Usable Security and Privacy, and what tangible changes this knowledge has made to user experience of security. She will review how usable security and privacy has often been misunderstood as a path to make users adhere to security and privacy rules that experts deem necessary, which explains why user sentiments towards security remains largely negative. However, she is optimistic that user-centered design will help understand user requirements for security and identify their preferred ways of achieving it.

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Trust and Privacy Expectations during Perilous Times of Contact...

Habiba Farzand (University of Glasgow), Florian Mathis (University of Glasgow), Karola Marky (University of Glasgow), Mohamed Khamis (University of Glasgow)

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Replication: Do We Snooze If We Can't Lose? Modelling...

Karoline Busse (University of Bonn); Dominik Wermke (Leibniz University Hannover); Sabrina Amft (University of Bonn); Sascha Fahl (Leibniz University Hannover); Emanuel von Zezschwitz, Matthew Smith (University of Bonn)

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Augmented Reality’s Potential for Identifying and Mitigating Home Privacy...

Stefany Cruz (Northwestern University), Logan Danek (Northwestern University), Shinan Liu (University of Chicago), Christopher Kraemer (Georgia Institute of Technology), Zixin Wang (Zhejiang University), Nick Feamster (University of Chicago), Danny Yuxing Huang (New York University), Yaxing Yao (University of Maryland), Josiah Hester (Georgia Institute of Technology)

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Vision: “AccessFormer”: Feedback-Driven Access Control Policy

Sakuna Harinda Jayasundara, Nalin Asanka Gamagedara Arachchilage, Giovanni Russello (University of Auckland)

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