V2X Security: Status and Open Challenges

Jonathan Petit (Director Of Engineering at Qualcomm Technologies)
Dr. Jonathan Petit is Director of Engineering at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., where he leads research in security of connected and automated vehicles (CAV). His team works on designing security solutions, but also develops tools for automotive penetration testing and builds prototypes. His recent work on misbehavior protection for V2X has been integrated in US DOT Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment and into OEM’s solutions. He was the first to demonstrate attacks on LIDAR and camera system for automated vehicles. His research also covers privacy of CAV, where he demonstrated real-world eavesdropping and its effect on location privacy. Dr. Petit holds a PhD degree from University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France.

Vehicle-to-everything communication is a key component to automated driving. Therefore, V2X data must be secured in order to ensure safe and efficient operations. In this talk I will present the status of V2X security and highlight open challenges (e.g. misbehavior detection, new connected vehicle applications).