Zachariah Threet (Tennessee Tech), Christos Papadopoulos (University of Memphis), Proyash Poddar (Florida International University), Alex Afanasyev (Florida International University), William Lambert (Tennessee Tech), Haley Burnell (Tennessee Tech), Sheikh Ghafoor (Tennessee Tech) and Susmit Shannigrahi (Tennessee Tech)

Data-centric architectures are a candidate for in-vehicle communication. They add naming standardization, data provenance, security, and improve interoperability between different ECUs and networks. In this demo, We demonstrate the feasibility and advantages of data-centric architectures through Named Data Networking (NDN). We deploy a bench-top testbed using Raspberry PIs and replay real CAN data.

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Drivers and Passengers Maybe the Weakest Link in the...

Aiping Xiong (Pennsylvania State University), Zekun Cai (Pennsylvania State University) and Tianhao Wang (University of Virginia)

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