Daniela Lopes (INESC-ID / IST, Universidade de Lisboa), Jin-Dong Dong (Carnegie Mellon University), Pedro Medeiros (INESC-ID / IST, Universidade de Lisboa), Daniel Castro (INESC-ID / IST, Universidade de Lisboa), Diogo Barradas (University of Waterloo), Bernardo Portela (INESC TEC / Universidade do Porto), João Vinagre (INESC TEC / Universidade do Porto), Bernardo Ferreira (LASIGE, Faculdade de…

Tor is one of the most popular anonymity networks in use today. Its ability to defend against flow correlation attacks is essential for providing strong anonymity guarantees. However, the feasibility of flow correlation attacks against Tor onion services (formerly known as "hidden services") has remained an open challenge. In this paper, we present an effective flow correlation attack that can deanonymize onion service sessions in the Tor network. Our attack is based on a novel distributed technique named Sliding Subset Sum (SUMo), which can be deployed by a group of colluding ISPs worldwide in a federated fashion. These ISPs collect Tor traffic at multiple vantage points in the network, and analyze it through a pipelined architecture based on machine learning classifiers and a novel similarity function based on the classic subset sum decision problem. These classifiers enable SUMo to deanonymize onion service sessions effectively and efficiently. We also analyze possible countermeasures that the Tor community can adopt to hinder the efficacy of these attacks.

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K-LEAK: Towards Automating the Generation of Multi-Step Infoleak Exploits...

Zhengchuan Liang (UC Riverside), Xiaochen Zou (UC Riverside), Chengyu Song (UC Riverside), Zhiyun Qian (UC Riverside)

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Decentralized Information-Flow Control for ROS2

Nishit V. Pandya (Indian Institute of Science Bangalore), Himanshu Kumar (Indian Institute of Science Bangalore), Gokulnath M. Pillai (Indian Institute of Science Bangalore), Vinod Ganapathy (Indian Institute of Science Bangalore)

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When Cryptography Needs a Hand: Practical Post-Quantum Authentication for...

Geoff Twardokus (Rochester Institute of Technology), Nina Bindel (SandboxAQ), Hanif Rahbari (Rochester Institute of Technology), Sarah McCarthy (University of Waterloo)

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LARMix: Latency-Aware Routing in Mix Networks

Mahdi Rahimi (KU Leuven), Piyush Kumar Sharma (KU Leuven), Claudia Diaz (KU Leuven)

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