NDSS Symposium 1997 Accepted Papers

Experimental Results of Covert Channel Limitation in One-Way Communication Systems

N. Ogurtsov, H. Orman, R. Schroeppel, S. O’Malley and O. Spatscheck

Blocking Java Applets at the Firewall

S. Rajagopalan, A. Rubin and D. Martin

Continuous Assessment of a Unix Configuration: Integrating Intrusion Detection and Configuration Analysis

A. Mounji and B. Le Charlier

An Interface Specification Language for Automatically Analyzing Cryptographic Protocols

S. H. Brackin

Probable Plaintext Cryptanalysis of the IP Security Protocols

S.M. Bellouin

Misplaced Trust: Kerberos 4 Session Keys

B. Dole, S. Lodin and E. Spafford

Securing the Nimrod Routing Architecture

K. E. Sirois and Stephen T Kent

Securing Distance-Vector Routing Protocols

B. R. Smith, S. Murthy and J. J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves

Reducing the Cost of Security in Link-State Routing

R. Hauser, T. Przgienda and Gene Tsudik

Securing Web Access with DCE

B. C. Schimpf

Hierarchical Organization of Certification Authorities for Secure Environments

Lourdes Lopez Santidnan and Justo Carracedo Gallardo

Trust Models in ICE-TEL

Andrew Young, Nada Kapidzic Cicovic and David Chadwick

Distributed Authentication in Kerberos Using Public Key Cryptography

Marvin A. Sirbu and John Chung-I Chuang