NDSS Symposium 2004 Accepted Papers

DoS Protection for Reliably Authenticated Broadcast

Carl A. Gunter, Sanjeev Khanna, Kaijun Tan and Santosh Venkatesh

Distillation Codes and Applications to DoS Resistant Multicast Authentication

C. Karlof, Naveen Sastry, Yaping Li, A. Perrig and J. D. Tygar

Efficient Context-Sensitive Intrusion Detection

Jonathon Giffin, Somesh Jha and Barton P. Miller

Global Intrusion Detection in the DOMINO Overlay System

Vinod Yegneswaran, Paul Barford and Somesh Jha

Building Attack Scenarios through Integration of Complementary Alert Correlation Method

Peng Ning, Dingbang Xu, Christopher G. Healey and Robert St Amant

Client-Side Defense Against Web-Based Identity Theft

Neil Chou, Robert Ledesma, Yuka Teraguchi and John Mitchell

Using Directional Antennas to Prevent Wormhole Attacks

Lingxuan Hu and David Evans

An Effective Architecture and Algorithm for Detecting Worms with Various Scan

Jiang Wu, Sarma Vangala, Lixin Gao and Kevin Kwiat

A Practical Dynamic Buffer Overflow Detector

Olatunji Ruwase and Monica S. Lam

Model Checking One Million Lines of C Code

Hao Chen, Drew Dean and David Wagner

Ostia: A Delegating Architecture for Secure System Call Interposition

Tal Garfinkel, Ben Pfaff and Mendel Rosenblum

Authentication and Integrity in Outsourced Databases

Einar Mykletun, Maithili Narasimha and Gene Tsudik

Building an Encrypted and Searchable Audit Log

Brent Waters, Dirk Balfanz, Glenn Durfee and D. K. Smetters

Speeding up Secure Web Transactions Using Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Vipul Gupta, Douglas Stebila, Stephen Fung, Sheueling Chang Shantz, Nils Gura and Hans Eberle

The Design and Implementation of Datagram TLS

Nagendra Modadugu and Eric Rescorla

The Perils of Unauthenticated Encryption: Kerberos Version 4

Tom Yu, Sam Hartman and Kenneth Raeburn