NDSS Symposium 2008 Accepted Papers

A New Privacy-Enhanced Matchmaking Protocol

J. Shin and V. Gligor

Corrupted DNS Resolution Paths: The Rise of a Malicious Resolution Authority

D. Dagon , C. P. Lee and Wenke Lee

A Tune-up for Tor: Improving Security and Performance in the Tor Network

R. Snader and Nikita Borisov

Halo: High Assurance Locate for Distributed Hash Tables

Apu Kapadia and N. Triandopoulos

Robust Receipt-Free Election System with Ballot Secrecy and Verifiability

S. S. M. Chow, J. Liu and D. Wong

Realizing Massive-Scale Conditional Access Systems Through Attribute-Based Cryptosystems

Patrick Traynor, K. Butler, W. Enck and P. McDaniel

Analyzing Privacy in Enterprise Packet Trace Anonymization

B. Ribeiro, W. Chen, G. Miklau and D. Towsley

Taming the Devil: Techniques for Evaluating Anonymized Network Data

Scott Coull, C. Wright, A. Keromytis, Fabian Monrose and Michael K. Reiter

Usable PIR

P. Williams and R. Sion

Automated Whitebox Fuzz Testing

P. Godefroid, M. Levin and D. Molnar

Would Diversity Really Increase the Robustness of the Routing Infrastructure Against Software Defects?

Juan Caballero, T. Kampouris, Dawn Song and J. Wang

PRECIP: Towards Practical and Retrofittable Confidential Information Protection

Xiaofeng Wang, Z. Li, Ninghui Li and J. Y. Choi

Automatic Network Protocol Analysis

G. Wondracek, P. Milani Comparetti, Christopher Kruegel and Engin Kirda

Automatic Protocol Format Reverse Engineering through Context-Aware Monitored Execution

Zhiqiang Lin, Xuxian Jiang, Dongyan Xu and Xiangyu Zhang

HookFinder: Identifying and Understanding Malware Hooking Behaviors

Heng Yin, Z. Liang and Dawn Song

Measuring and Detecting Fast-Flux Service Networks

Thorsten Holz, C. Gorecki, K. Rieck and F. Freiling

BotSniffer: Detecting Botnet Command and Control Channels in Network Traffic

G. Gu, J. Zhang and Wenke Lee

Limits of Learning-based Signature Generation with Adversaries

S. Venkataraman, A. Blum and Dawn Song

Impeding Malware Analysis Using Conditional Code Obfuscation

M. Sharif, A. Lanzi, Jonathon Giffin and Wenke Lee

Analysis-Resistant Malware

J. Bethencourt, Dawn Song and Brent Waters

Exploiting Opportunistic Scheduling in Cellular Data Networks

R. Racic, D. Ma, H. Chen and X. Liu