Ensuring the safety of connected and automated vehicles (CAV) is critical for their public adoption. However, security attacks targeting CAVS are a significant deterrent to achieving public trust in AVs. Implementing and testing those attacks and corresponding countermeasures in real road conditions are costly and time-consuming tasks. Thus, an automotive simulator prevents those drawbacks. Therefore, we provide our security simulator for CAVs, which include both V2X and sensors’ data synchronized in simulation time.

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Euler: Detecting Network Lateral Movement via Scalable Temporal Graph...

Isaiah J. King (The George Washington University), H. Howie Huang (The George Washington University)

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ATTEQ-NN: Attention-based QoE-aware Evasive Backdoor Attacks

Xueluan Gong (Wuhan University), Yanjiao Chen (Zhejiang University), Jianshuo Dong (Wuhan University), Qian Wang (Wuhan University)

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Denial-of-Service Attacks on C-V2X Networks

Natasa Trkulja, David Starobinski (Boston University), and Randall Berry (Northwestern University)

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Physical Layer Data Manipulation Attacks on the CAN Bus

Abdullah Zubair Mohammed (Virginia Tech), Yanmao Man (University of Arizona), Ryan Gerdes (Virginia Tech), Ming Li (University of Arizona) and...

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