Chong Xiang (Princeton University), Chawin Sitawarin (University of California, Berkeley), Tong Wu (Princeton University), Prateek Mittal (Princeton University)

ETAS Best Short Paper Award Runner-Up!

The physical-world adversarial patch attack poses a security threat to AI perception models in autonomous vehicles. To mitigate this threat, researchers have designed defenses with certifiable robustness. In this paper, we survey existing certifiably robust defenses and highlight core robustness techniques that are applicable to a variety of perception tasks, including classification, detection, and segmentation. We emphasize the unsolved problems in this space to guide future research, and call for attention and efforts from both academia and industry to robustify perception models in autonomous vehicles.

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Short: Rethinking Secure Pairing in Drone Swarms

Muslum Ozgur Ozmen, Habiba Farrukh, Hyungsub Kim, Antonio Bianchi, Z. Berkay Celik (Purdue University)

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Copy-on-Flip: Hardening ECC Memory Against Rowhammer Attacks

Andrea Di Dio (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Koen Koning (Intel), Herbert Bos (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Cristiano Giuffrida (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

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Efficient Dynamic Proof of Retrievability for Cold Storage

Tung Le (Virginia Tech), Pengzhi Huang (Cornell University), Attila A. Yavuz (University of South Florida), Elaine Shi (CMU), Thang Hoang (Virginia Tech)

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