NDSS Symposium 2000 Accepted Papers

A First Step Towards Automated Detection of Buffer Overrun Vulnerabilities

David Wagner, J. Foster, Eric A. Brewer and A. Aiken

User-Level Infrastructure for System Call Interposition: A Platform for Intrusion Detection and Confinement

K. Jain and R. Sekar

Optimized Rekey for Group Communication Systems

O. Rodeh, K. Birman and D. Dolev

An IPSec-based Host Architecture for Secure Internet Multicast

R. Canetti, Pau-Chen Cheng, F. Giraud, D. Pendarakis, J. Rao, P. Rohatgi and D.Saha

A First Step Towards the Automatic Generation of Security Protocols

A. Perrig and Dawn Song

A Revocation, Validation and Authentication Protocol for SPKI Based Delegation Systems

Y. Kortesniemi, T. Hasu and J. Sars

Secure Border Gateway Protocol (S-BGP) – Real World Performance and Deployment Issues

Stephen T Kent, C. Lynn, J. Mikkelson and K. Seo

BOF on Windows 2000 Security

Peter Brundrett

Analysis of a Fair Exchange Protocol

V. Shmatikov and John Mitchell

Secure Password-Based Cipher Suite for TLS

P. Buhler, T. Eirich, M. Waidner and M. Steiner

Chameleon Signatures

H. Krawczyk and T. Rabin

A Lightweight Tool for Detecting Web Server Attacks

M. Almgren, H. Debar and M. Dacier

Building Adaptive and Agile Applications Using Intrusion Detection and Response

J. Loyall, P. Pal and R. Schantz

Secure Virtual Enclaves: Supporting Coalition Use of Distributed Application Technologies

D. Shands, R. Yee, J. Jacobs and E. J. Sebes

Security of Encrypted rlogin Connections Created With Kerberos IV

K. Hildrum

Accountability and Control of Process Creation in Metasystems

M. Humphrey, F. Knabe, A. Ferrari and A. Grimshaw