NDSS Symposium 2009 Program

Session 2: Distributed Systems

The Blind Stone Tablet: Outsourcing Durability to Untrusted Parties

Authors: P. Williams, R. Sion, D. Shasha

Two-Party Computation Model for Privacy-Preserving Queries over Distributed Databases

Authors: S.S.M. Chow, J. Lee, L. Subramanian

Sybillnfer: Detecting Sybil Nodes using Social Networks

Authors: G. Danezis, P. Mittal

Session 3: Intrusion Detection

Spectrogram: A Mixture-of-Markov-Chains Model for Anomaly Detection in Web Traffic

Authors: Y. Song, A. Keromytis, S. Stolfo

Detecting Forged TCP Reset Packets

Author: N. Weaver, R. Sommer, V. Paxson

Coordinated Scan Detection

Author: C. Gates

Session 4: Malware

RB-Seeker: Auto-detection of Redirection Botnets

Authors: X. Hu, M. Knysz, K.G. Shin

Scalable, Behavior-Based Malware Clustering

Authors: U. Bayer, P. Milani Comparetti, C. Hlauschek, C. Kruegel, E. Kirda

K-Tracer: A System for Extracting Kernel Malware Behavior

Authors: A. Lanzi, M. Sharif, W. Lee

Session 5: Traffic Protection and Infrastructure Security

RAINBOW: A Robust and Invisible Non-Blind Watermark for Network Flows

Authors: A. Houmansadr, N. Kiyavash, N. Borisov

Traffic Morphing: An Efficient Defense Against Statistical Traffic Analysis

Authors: C. Wright, S. Coull, F. Monrose

Recursive DNS Architectures and Vulnerability Implications

Authors: D. Dagon, M. Antonakakis, K. Day, X. Luo, C.P. Lee, W. Lee

Session 7: Authentication and Accountability

Safe Passage for Passwords and Other Sensitive Data

Authors: J. McCune, A. Perrig, M. Reiter

Conditioned-safe Ceremonies and a User Study of an Application to Web Authentication

Author: C. Karlof, J.D. Tygar, D. Wagner

CSAR: A Practical and Provable Technique to Make Randomized Systems Accountable

Authors: M. Backes, P. Druschel, A. Haeberlen, D. Unruh