NDSS Symposium 2000 Program

Session 1: Software Assurance

Chair: G. McGraw (Reliable Software Technologies, UNITED STATES)

A First Step Towards Automated Detection of Buffer Overrun Vulnerabilities

D. Wagner, J. Foster, E. Brewer, and A. Aiken (UC Berkeley, UNITED STATES)

User-Level Infrastructure for System Call Interposition: A Platform for Intrusion Detection and Confinement

K. Jain and R. Sekar (Iowa State University, UNITED STATES)

Session 2: Group and Multicast Security

Chair: T. Hardjono (Bay Networks / Nortel, UNITED STATES)

Optimized Rekey for Group Communication Systems

O. Rodeh (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, ISRAEL), K. Birman (Cornell University, UNITED STATES) and D. Dolev (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, ISRAEL)

An IPSec-based Host Architecture for Secure Internet Multicast

R. Canetti, P. Cheng, F. Giraud, D. Pendarakis, J. Rao, P. Rohatgi, and D. Saha (IBM TJ Watson Research Center, UNITED STATES)

Session 3: Panel – The Economics of Security

Moderators: J. Ellis (Sun Microsystems, UNITED STATES), and G. McGraw (Reliable Software Technologies, UNITED STATES)


  • N. Economidis (InsureTrust.com, UNITED STATES)
  • N. Pasciullo (Jones, Gregg, Creehan & Gerace, LLP, UNITED STATES)
  • F. C. Smith (Attorney, UNITED STATES)
  • L. Wagner (ICSA.net, UNITED STATES) [Slides]

Session 4: Protocols I

Chair: M. Dacier (IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, SWITZERLAND)

A First Step Towards the Automatic Generation of Security Protocols

A. Perrig and D. Song (Carnegie Mellon University, UNITED STATES)

A Revocation, Validation and Authentication Protocol for SPKI Based Delegation Systems

Y. Kortesniemi, T. Hasu (Helsinki University of Technology, FINLAND) and J. Särs (Nixu Oy, FINLAND)

Secure Border Gateway Protocol (S-BGP) – Real World Performance and Deployment Issues

S. Kent, C. Lynn, J. Mikkelson, and K. Seo (BBN Technologies / GTE Internetworking, UNITED STATES)

BOF on Windows 2000 Security

Session 5: Protocols II

Chair: P. Van Oorschot (Entrust Technologies, CANADA)

Analysis of a Fair Exchange Protocol

V. Shmatikov and J. Mitchell (Stanford University, UNITED STATES)

Secure Password-Based Cipher Suite for TLS

P. Buhler, T. Eirich, and M. Waidner (IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, SWITZERLAND), and M. Steiner (Universität des Saarlandes, GERMANY)

Chameleon Signatures

H. Krawczyk (Technion, ISRAEL and IBM TJ Watson Research Center, UNITED STATES) and T. Rabin (IBM TJ Watson Research Center, UNITED STATES)

Session 6: Intrusion Detection


A Lightweight Tool for Detecting Web Server Attacks

M. Almgren, H. Debar, and M. Dacier (IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, SWITZERLAND)

Building Adaptive and Agile Applications Using Intrusion Detection and Response

J. Loyall, P. Pal, R. Schantz, and F. Webber (BBN Technologies / GTE Internetworking, UNITED STATES)

Session 7: Distributed Systems

Chair: Virgil Gligor – (UMD College Park, UNITED STATES)

Secure Virtual Enclaves: Supporting Coalition Use of Distributed Application Technologies

D. Shands, R. Yee, J. Jacobs (NAI Labs, Network Associates, UNITED STATES), and E. J. Sebes (Kroll-O’Gara/Information Services Group, UNITED STATES)

Security of Encrypted rlogin Connections Created With Kerberos IV

K. Hildrum (UC Berkeley, UNITED STATES)

Accountability and Control of Process Creation in Metasystems

M. Humphrey, F. Knabe, A. Ferrari, and A. Grimshaw (University of Virginia, UNITED STATES)

Session 8: Panel II — Red Teaming and Network Security

Moderator: Douglas Maughan (DARPA, UNITED STATES)


  • B. Wood (Sandia National Labs, UNITED STATES)
  • S. Saydjari (DARPA, UNITED STATES)
  • M. Puldy (IBM)