As Strong As Its Weakest Link: How to Break Blockchain DApps at RPC Service
Kai Li, Jiaqi Chen, Xianghong Liu, Yuzhe Tang, Xiaofeng Wang and Xiapu Luo

Robust Android Malware Detection System Against Adversarial Attacks Using Q-Learning
Hemant Rathore, Sanjay K. Sahay, Piyush Nikam and Mohit Sewak

A Pilot Study on Real-Time Fingerprinting for Tor Onion Services
Young-Ho Kim, Loc Ho, Won-gyum Kim, Donghoon Kim and Doosung Hwang

A Weak Consensus Algorithm and Its Application to High-Performance Blockchain
Qin Wang, Rujia Li and Qi Wang

Dissecting the Cryptographic Code Exchange
Jason Ly and Minhui Xue

Evaluating Cascading-VPN Performance
Sebastian Pahl, Florian Adamsky, Daniel Kaiser and Thomas Engel

Automated Vulnerability Assessment for Embedded Systems
Ulrich Lang, Holmes Chuang, Reza Fatahi, Will Swift, Jason Kramer

Cyberattack Detection for Wireless Sensor Networks with Deep Learning
Ulrich Lang, Reza Fatahi, Holmes Chuang

NATICUSdroid: A malware detection framework for Android using native and custom permissions
Akshay Mathur, Laxmi M Podila, Keyur Kulkarni, Quamar Niyaz and Ahmad Y Javaid

Demystifying Resource Management Risks in Emerging Mobile App-in-app Ecosystems
Haoran Lu, Luyi Xing, Yue Xiao, Yifan Zhang, Xiaojing Liao, Xiaofeng Wang and Xueqiang Wang

An Offline Delegatable Cryptocurrency System
Rujia Li, Qin Wang, Xinrui Zhang, Qi Wang, David Galindo and Yang Xiang

Verifiable Homomorphic Tallying for the Schulze Vote Counting Scheme
Mukesh Tiwari, Dirk Pattinson and Thomas Haines

A Framework for Effective Corporate Communication after Cyber Security Incidents
Jason Nurse and Richard Knight

Limiting Damage Spread in the Internet of Things Using Features-based Immunisation Techniques
Farell Folly

Can the Exposure Notification Framework Expose Personal Information
Kazuki Nomoto, Mitsuaki Akiyama, Masashi Eto, Atsuo Inomata and Tatsuya Mori

Sharing Expertise and Artifacts for Reuse through Cybersecurity Community Hub (SEARCCH)
Terry Benzel, Jelena Mirkovic, Laura Tinnel, David Balenson, Eric Eide, Tim Yardley

Real ORNL Automotive Dynamometer(ROAD) CAN Intrusion Dataset
Samuel Hollifield, Miki Verma, Michael Iannacone, Robert Bridges, Bill Kay and Frank Combs

DynUnlock: Unlocking Scan Chains Obfuscated using Dynamic Keys
Nimisha Limaye and Ozgur Sinanoglu

Practical and Provably Secure Distributed Aggregation: Verifiable Additive Homomorphic Secret Sharing
Georgia Tsaloli, Gustavo Banegas and Aikaterini Mitrokotsa